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About the Book

Write Like A Boss is a practical guide for anyone who wants to transition from writing as a hobby to writing professionally.  It will give you the necessary arsenal you need to refine your skills and launch your writing career. Have you been thinking of how to earn from your ability to write, but don’t know how or where to start?  Then, this book is the resource that you need.

Our Beautiful Testimonials

'I totally enjoyed reading Write Like A Boss. The writing was succinct and filled with useful tips to help writers navigate their career. Even as a writer with many years of experience under my belt, I learnt one or two things from her work. Good job, Nancy.'
Maggie Smart
Best-selling author of The Smart Writer's HandBook.
'This is an easy-to-read guide to monetizing your writing. It’s written in a simple and easily relatable format. We have worked with Nancy and her team on several projects and they always deliver. I’m confident you will love this book and would profit from it if you do what has been suggested.'
Tochukwu Nkwocha
Founder: Spreadit Global KeepMeSafe Tech iwrite​
'Are great writers born or made? The answer to this can be quite debated. However, to be a professional writer or write professionally, one has to be shown or taught the rudiments. Nancy's WRITE LIKE A BOSS is a handy guide for writers to come into practical knowledge that will help them write and earn professionally. It's undeniably a must-read guide for existing and aspiring writers!'
Philip Asuquotes
Brand Strategy Consultant League of African Strategists

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In this book, you will learn:

Amazing Testimonials

'In Write Like A Boss, Nancy admits that there is no absolute success but she has prepared a success blueprint for content writers. One thing is constant in this book: Nancy understands how you feel about writing. It is obvious that the structure she presented in Write Like A Boss is built from the pieces of writing gold she picked from being patiently immersed in self-learning. You will learn how to begin by preparing, positioning yourself to fetch and interpret content, start writing, and continue writing by improving yourself as you go. My ten action points from this book are: Observe the world. Listen socially. Know your audience media. Keep a content note bank. Think. Draft. Write. Edit. Rewrite. Publish. In your journey from difficulty to mastery in writing, this book will give you the momentum to cross the difficult phase and position yourself on the continuous path to mastery. Keep this book on top of your writing desk!'
Chukwukadibia O. Ude
Leadership Development Consultant Director, Eaderl International
'In this book Write Like A Boss, Nancy took writing business to an entirely new level with her depth, scope and practicality. She writes from her rich experience. I have been her client too and I can tell. This book will help writers of any format to understand the power of their craft. The way she tutors the reader from how to write, get fresh ideas, write for the internet, edit and even make money writing is impactful. This book went the whole 9 yards as a writing body of work yet in an easy-to-read format! As a blogger, ideological writer and editor myself, I can guarantee that this is one book that you will need to take along with you always as a reference, as you navigate writing as a career. I recommend it!'
Chisom Utibe-Akah
Founder, LOGiN Bloggers Africa
'Write Like A Boss takes us into the creative ingenuity of Nancy Legacy. She has paved the way for many readers who will eventually take up professional writing as a career. This is a great book and I will recommend it to anyone who is venturing into content writing as a career. What better way to start this masterpiece than to pivot us back to basics by luring us into the heartbeat of content creation. Like a hungry lamb, Nancy Legacy has torn in pieces the gates of the lion’s den and unravelled the mysteries that alluded young writers trying to navigate the storms of the internet. Write Like A Boss is a compass for content ideation, a handbook for understanding the writing process, and a toolbox for content creation. Nancy has developed a reference material for writers who want to scale their writing into a money-making venture. If you want to write like a boss, then you must read WRITE LIKE A BOSS. At first, you will think it is a piece of pie that you can eat in seconds, but you will be wrong because you will realize that what you have is a bowl of Owerri soup and pounded yam. The content of the Owerri soup is such that you cannot rush it yet the pounded yam is diving smoothly into your hungry stomach. This book will not be able to sit on a shelf because it will be a mobile book. Write Like A Boss is your content writing companion.'
Ota Uma Uma
Author, The Countryman: A collection of poems, thoughts, reflections and musings.
'Reading through the book, I could connect personally with it, and I can boldly say that Write Like A Boss is a must-read and should serve as a handbook for existing writers and anyone who intends to navigate the world of writing. Nancy broke down writing to it's simplest form. It takes you from an amateur stage to a professional stage. Most importantly, it guides you on how to earn financially as a writer. I am confident that you will love this book. I totally recommend this masterpiece.'
Vanessa Nnadi
Emotional and Mental Well-being Coach Convener, Moments with Vanessa

About the Author

Nancy Oluchi Isiwu is a Writer, Editor and Medical Radiographer. She is popularly known by her pen name Nancy Legacy. As the Founder/Creative Director of Legacy Creatives, she loves helping busy professionals tell their stories and fulfil their dream of becoming authors.

Her excellent content development and research skills are evident in her unique writing style. Her work has been published on top-notch sites like Yolar Magazine, Keepmesafetech, Iconic Digital World, Entrepreneursng, Lagos Convo, OkadaBooks and many others.